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How To Convert Traffic Into Money

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Website Marketing Machine Strategy

Targeted Internet Marketing Strategies Internet marketing is one of the most powerful and consistently-expanding industries to date. Today it is not an option, but a must have, if you want to compete in the ever changing economy. Some have described the digital marketing landscape as opportunistic as the “Wild, Wild, West”. There are so many […]


What Every Website Owner Should Know

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Business Owners

Optimizing Your Website: What Every Small Business Should Know If you want to grow your small to medium-size business, you need to rank well in online search results. As many as 90% of customers check online reviews before making a purchase,¹ and 98% of web users choose a business that is on the first page […]


More Tips for Your Blogging Needs

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Online Marketing

More Tips for Your Blogging Needs There are still a lot of questions on how searches are being ranked, especially in Google searches. Search engine administrators are smart people. They do not scan your posts word for word. Upon observation, only a few parts of your articles are being crawled by what we call the […]


Blog Posting Basics

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Girl Turning Website into a Website Money Machine

As content writer and proof-reader with a background in mostly business and marketing research, I sometimes wonder how is it truly possible to optimize my blogs and attract traffic. I have no experience in web design nor am I a software engineer, web developer, or a graphic designer. I have limited knowledge on those areas […]