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As content writer and proof-reader with a background in mostly business and marketing research, I sometimes wonder how is it truly possible to optimize my blogs and attract traffic. I have no experience in web design nor am I a software engineer, web developer, or a graphic designer. I have limited knowledge on those areas and still learning a lot of things to do online.

At first, being able to manage my blog posts and keep it updated is all that is on my mind. Surely by using tools for keyword search, I can already start optimizing the articles on my blog. There are a lot of these tools online that can help us maximize the traffic that we are getting. This is just one of the basics of blog post optimization. But as they say, if you get to master the basics you get to absorb it and you become a natural at it. So that got me thinking, perhaps there is an even easier way or steps on how to optimize my blog posts. And yes, I have narrowed them down to the following items I am about to discuss below.

Among all else, start by merely being able to identify the keywords or set of keywords you want the optimization to work on. In this step, you are to determine the basic idea of what you are covering. This may be a little bit about the product and services you are offering. Dig deeper on what you have available for your market and blog viewers. Ask yourself, as a normal user of the internet, what words would I use in searching for a product like the one I am marketing? Then, use those. Make a list.

Next, you have to know your focus. Surely at the first step, you have identified more than just one keyword. In this step, you are to choose among those keywords on what you would want to convey to your readers. Be sure to explain this in the article that you are about to make, so that there will be more to write. Save the rest of your keywords for the next ones that you are going to write. One or two keywords will already do the trick for each post as long you know the synonyms and relevant words that correlate to the primary one.

At this stage, write your article. You can either use the keywords that you found on your tool or simply the ones that you have listed in your mind. Make sure to make your post as readable and understandable still. Do not bombard your readers by stuffing all the keywords in one article. Place them intelligently.

Be able to proofread. That is the next step. This might not be directly related to blog optimization but this is one thing you cannot undermine. By proofreading, you get to make sure that what you are writing actually makes sense to your readers.

Next, make sure to let the internet know what you are writing about. This is where the keyword tools you use can come in handy.

Be a master of the basics first. The rest should come in naturally.

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